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About : Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor is a famous horror adventure game in which you play the role of a boy who wants to discover the secrets of his mysterious neighbor. Here is some important information and basic movement keys in the game:


Your goal is to learn and discover the secrets in your neighbor's house. Be careful, because he will always be watching and trying to catch you!


Slide into your neighbor's house, find out what secrets he's hiding from you.


Evade all cameras in the house and do not let your neighbor know your movements.


Try to escape from hunting if you are going to get caught and make yourself stand until the last minute.


Basic movement keys in the game include:


WASD or arrow keys to move.
Mouse to interact with objects and the environment around you.
Shift key to run fast.
Key C to sit or lie down.
Press F key to use items in hand.


Enjoy its colorful and interesting storyline and have a breathtaking gameplay experience.


Hope this information helps you in conquering the game "Hello Neighbor"!