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About : Dr. Psycho - Hospital Escape

Dr. Psycho - Hospital Escape is a survival horror game & 3d scary game in which you have to make an escape from a mental hospital! In this game, You play as a young video blogger who constantly finds and films abandoned creepy places, buildings, and houses and post it to a popular online video hosting website.


However, this time you are trapped in a terrible psychiatric clinic that you need to escape as soon as possible. Doctor Psycho's mental patients and the deranged doctor are always wandering around the house and preying on anyone they come across, you realize that you are the victim of a terrible experiment and you have little left. Little time to escape from the mental hospital in these horror games!


In the game called Dr. In this Psycho-Hospital Escape, you need to overcome your fear, explore nightmares about hidden dark secrets, and need to escape from there as soon as you have the chance. Hide in clever hiding places and explore the place carefully to avoid deadly traps. Collect the necessary items to unlock the door and escape the clutches of the deranged Psychiatrist and his mental patients. Avoid giving them a chance to catch you. Run as fast and far as possible.


WASD / arrow keys = move

1-5 = equip an item

E = action

C = crouch

G = drop an item

Space = exit from the hiding place

Shift = run

Tab = pause the game

Move mouse = change direction