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About : Mr Meat House Of Flesh

Mr Meat House Of Flesh will bring players to experience a scary survival game with unprecedented horror and suspense emotions. The game requires you to concentrate and think logically while also being vigilant to win. Countless mysteries and unexpected twists are waiting for you. Can you solve the mystery and escape the house and its brutal murderer?


You are trapped in Mr. Meat - a cruel killer. He is planning to kill a poor girl. Your main task in the game Mr Meat House Of Flesh is to find out where the girl is being kept, and together escape from this dangerous place.


To complete your mission you have to solve all the puzzles, find some keys and as many tools as possible. You will need to thoroughly search each location to find the items you need and discover more clues. During the search and rescue process, always remember that the murderer can discover and attack you at any time. Move gently, don't let Mr. Meat hears your footsteps. Be careful to observe your surroundings and avoid direct confrontation with the dangerous killer. Hiding in certain places will help you avoid being chased by Mr. Meat.


WASD = move

Mouse = look around

F = interact

T = leave hideout