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About : Scary Horror Escape Room

Welcome to Scary Horror Escape Room, a spooky horror and escape game set in a mysterious abandoned place. Before participating in the challenge, you will be greeted by a suspicious man who asks you to sign an agreement to participate in a scary horror adventure before taking you to a locked cell. . Are you ready for thrilling experiences in this scary room? Now is the time to think and escape the horrors in the house, otherwise you will die.


As soon as the agreement between the two parties has been signed, the Scary Horror Escape Room Game will take you into a room - a place that will make you feel creepy with its bloody abandoned scene, rats and garbage. Your task is to find even the smallest clues that lead to the key to open the room door. You just need to pay attention to your surroundings, look for objects and collect clues to solve countless complex puzzles. You will need the knack to get through the entire game and test your logic skills. Good luck!