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About : ZOOM-BE

ZOOM-BE is a fun and truly cooperative game, only when two friends work together can they win and pass many levels. In this game, your two characters are trapped in an experimental basement and your mission is to collect all three stars and open the escape door. The game is divided into more than 20 levels, which will be very difficult to pass. You can play alone, controlling two heroes at the same time, or you can call a friend and play with him. Heroes must help each other to overcome all obstacles and difficulties on the way.


To escape from the cellar in ZOOM-BE game is not easy, remember that all the laboratory guards, all the doctors and even the real zombies are created in the laboratories A terrible experience is hunting our two boys. Both zombies possess different unique abilities and only when the two of you help each other can the door open. The larger zombie has powerful kicks that can destroy a door or knock down a guard however he cannot jump very high. The smaller boy can jump high or crouch through tiny tunnels and move faster than his friend. To complete each level, you need to lead our guys to the elevator door, which will take them to the next level of the laboratory.


To control the movement of the larger zombie friend (Player 1), use the Arrow keys.

To control the movement of the smaller zombie friend (Player 2), use the WASD keys.