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About : Evil Nun Schools Out

Evil Nun Schools Out is a horror game. Being in detention after hours and needing to escape while avoiding the watchful eye of an Evil Nun, the main objective is to find a way out within the given five days while remaining as quiet as possible. Take stock of your immediate environment within the detention room. Look for any potential clues, hidden objects, or tools that could aid your escape. Move around the room and search for any hidden compartments, secret passages, or locked cabinets that may contain useful items or information. Keep an eye out for puzzles or riddles that need to be solved in order to progress. These puzzles could be related to unlocking doors, finding codes, or manipulating objects in a specific order. Remember that the Evil Nun can hear everything, so it's crucial to remain as quiet as possible. Avoid making unnecessary noises or disruptions that could alert her to your presence. Move slowly and cautiously to minimize the risk of detection. Whenever the Evil Nun is nearby, find suitable hiding spots to conceal yourself until it's safe to proceed. Utilize lockers, closets, or any other available places to stay out of her sight.


- Move : ASWD keys or arrow keys
- Pick up and hide : F
- Unhide : T
- Drop item : G
- Pause menu : Esc