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About : Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors survival role-playing game becomes an attractive vampire hunting lord.You will play a unique role in fighting thousands of monsters that appear continuously on the screen.Each attack on a monster will display a damage indicator, bringing satisfaction when destroying it.The game includes 11 diverse characters with their powers and weapons.Your mission is to destroy them all monsters in each attack.As you level up, you can choose new powers and weapons. In particular, collecting all 6 accessories and corresponding weapons will help you upgrade to a more powerful item.
You should pick up furniture and experience gems scattered on the road to avoid wasting resources.This helps you increase your strength and be more advantageous in the game.This item does not disappear over time and you can also take advantage of the auto-attack mechanism to grind the game when you are busy.


The W, A, S, D keys on your keyboard are used to maneuver your character.